Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Precision Power Washing | Why High Pressure Doesn't Work 812.552.2464

     Have you ever wondered what the proper method is of cleaning vinyl siding? How about cleaning Stucco, Drivit, EFIS, etc? Well, high-pressure washing of these types of surfaces is not only inefficient, but also highly ineffective and dangerous. Here is why high pressure doesn't work

     Precision Power Washing, Evansville's #1 power washing company, introduced a delicate, safe, and effective cleaning method to the tri-state area over 10 years ago. The SoftWash utilizes an ultra-low pressure application of a delicate blend of algaecide, surfactants, and detergents. The solution is then rinsed off with approximately 40-50 psi. This pressure washing method gives Evansville, Indiana homeowners and business owners a safe, affordable, and sustainable cleaning option, in contrast to high-pressure washing, which doesn't clean or neutralize.

     Every respectable contractor in the professional power washing industry recommends the SoftWash in place of heat or high-pressure cleaning methods.

     The same delicate cleaning methods should be used when choosing an Evansville and Newburgh Roof Cleaning Company. A pressure washer should never touch a roof, as this could damage the roof, void your warranty on the shingles, and it also doesn't neutralize the roof stains, only knocking off the top layer. Once again, Precision Roof Cleaning introduced the No-Pressure Evansville Roof Cleaning to the area, and gave Evansville and Newburgh residents a safe, non-damaging, long term roof cleaning method, with no damage.

     If you are looking for house washing, pressure washing, power washing, roof cleaning, and deck and fence cleaning, call Precision Power Washing Today! 812.552.2464

and don't forget to visit our Evansville Pressure Washing website @ www.softwashpros.com

Visit this Evansville Pressure Washing video for an in-depth look at the cleaning process.

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