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      Let's face it: these days there are a multitude of companies and contractors offering power washing, pressure washing, and roof cleaning services in Evansville, Newburgh, and Henderson.  It seems like each new year brings more and more companies popping up offering exterior cleaning services. But please proceed with caution. Over the years, we have seen a substantial number of companies who aren't properly trained in the specifics of softwashing, roof cleaning, and house washing. While many companies think that high pressure is a "one size fits all" solution, it is actually very rarely necessary.

     For over 15 years, Precision Power Washing has been the #1 most trusted power washing and roof cleaning company in Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson, and surrounding cities. We introduced the SoftWash system to the tristate back in 2007, and set the bar for professional pressure washing contractors. Not only is the correct pressure necessary, a trained professional should also be knowledgeable in the correct chemical and detergent ratios, flow percentages, and EPA and FCWA regulations.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Pressure Washing Services in Evansville, Indiana | Precision Power Washing 812.552.2464

     Are you looking for the tri-state's best choice for pressure washing services in Evansville? Precision Power Washing is known as a pioneer in the industry, having introduced the softwash method of power washing, along with introducing the no-pressure roof cleaning method. Whatever your desired pressure washing project, we can do it.
     We can safely and efficiently pressure wash your home or building using our SoftWash method. We can safely clean your roof using the no-pressure roof cleaning method. Along with these power washing services, we also offer concrete pressure washing, driveway pressure washing, Brick and paver pressure washing, and pressure washing vinyl fences to restore the luster and cosmetic beauty of your property. Check out the gallery of pressure washing services below, and call or text us for your free, no-hassle estimate! 812.552.2464 We also offer pressure washing services in Henderson, KY. 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Henderson, KY's #1 Top Rated Pressure Washing Company | Precision Power Washing

     For over 10 years now, Precision Power Washing has been recognized as the #1 choice for Pressure Washing in Henderson, KY. Since our inception in 2007, we have serviced the areas of Henderson, Evansville, Newburgh, and the surrounding areas with the tri-state's premiere power washing services.
     When we began our pressure washing company in Henderson, we recognized a need for a safe, effective method of exterior cleaning. This led us to introduce the SoftWash to the area. SoftWashing is a unique method of cleaning that is both more efficient, and more effective. Utilizing a delicate blend of detergents and surfactants, the SoftWash utilizes a psi of around 50, which is about the same pressure as your standard garden hose will produce.
     How does such a low pressure clean so well? Let us explain: pressure doesn't actually clean anything. High pressure washing only knocks off the top layer of an organic growth. So while it may appear to be cosmetically clean, the organisms are still growing and thriving , invisible to the human eye.
     When SoftWashing, a proprietary blend of detergents is applied to the surface, neutralizing all organic growth (i.e. algae, mold, etc.), then it is gently rinsed off. This method of power washing in Henderson, KY will keep your home or building clean for substantially longer, compared to high pressure, where the growth will typically return within 6 months.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

How to Pressure Wash Your House | Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding | Evansville, Indiana Pressure Washing Service 812.552.2464

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Hello there Evansville, Newburgh, and Henderson friends! We frequently have questions about the proper way to power wash a home or building, so we decided to add a blog entry to cover some of the basic answers. When deciding to pressure wash a house, there are multiple factors to consider:

1. Will you hire a professional, or attempt to do it yourself?
2. What is the risk/reward ratio with the decision you make?
3. Do you have the proper equipment to complete the task?
4. What is the best method to safely pressure wash a house or building?
5. What are the proper detergents for the surface material that will be cleaned?

     Well, there's alot to answer just in these basic questions, but let's address them briefly. For question #1, the answer isn't necessarily as easy as it may appear. Some homeowners prefer the DIY method for exterior cleaning projects, but pressure washing isn't as simple a some may think. For instance, we frequently see homeowners that go the DIY route up on a ladder attempting to wash a second story section of house. Did you know that with our professional equipment, we can reach up to 4 stories or higher from the ground? This is advantageous because it allows us to remain safe while still maintaining our stability. If you don't have the proper equipment, and your property is more than one story, the best decision may be to hire a professional power washing company. This parlays into a similar answer for question #2.
     For question #3, you must consider the most important factor in TCU (total cleaning units): Gallons Per Minute (GPM). While many think that pressure is the pertinent factor in cleaning efficiency, pressure doesn't actually clean organic growths such as mold, algae, whiskey fungus, etc. Gallons Per Minute creates a flow that is adequate enough, and the most effective method of cleaning when combined with the proper detergents. Which segues in to question #4....
     The best method for pressure washing a house or building is the SoftWash, which we introduced to the tri-state over a decade ago. The SoftWash utilizes an ultra low pressure application of delicate detergents and algaecides to neutralize all organic growths, followed by a gentle rinse, normally using <100 psi.Very rarely will high pressure be necessary. If a contractor plans to use a high pressure washing method to clean your home, you will want to seek out a safer option. You can get a
free pressure washing estimate here.
     Finally, question #5: The proper detergents and chemicals for power washing will vary from surface to surface, and also whether or not the growths are organic, environmental, atmospheric, or chemical. This is the area where pressure washing gets very tricky to the untrained, and why we recommend hiring a professional pressure washing contractor. You can waste a substantial amount of money, along with the risks of chemical interactions and dangers.

Below is a brief video showing the proper method of power washing algae off of a vinyl house.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

House and Building Pressure Washing: What is the proper method of cleaning?

     For many, when you hear the terms "pressure washing", or "power washing", instantly an image comes to mind of someone using high pressure to clean your home or building. Even further, many folks still believe that using high pressure is the proper method of cleaning and/or washing a house or structure. Unfortunately, this false ideal stems from years of contractors using improper methods of cleaning, which nearly cemented a belief that high pressure washing is/was effective in cleaning.
     The problem with high pressure is that that high pressure doesn't actually clean anything. It only knocks off the top layer of whatever surface it is being used on, while not eradicating or neutralizing any algae, mold, or organic growth(s). When pressure washing a home or building, the most effective method is the SoftWash. Precision Power Washing of Evansville, Evansville's Top Rated Pressure Washing Service introduced the SoftWash to the tristate over 10 years ago. The SoftWash method of power washing utilizes a gentle application of detergents, using a psi normally not exceeding 75. After the detergents and algaecides are applied, they immediately begin to neutralize all organic growth, including the removal of mold, dirt, algae, and streaks from your home. Once the detergent application has run its course, it is then gently rinsed off, leaving your home looking like new!
     This pressure washing method is not only safer, it is substantially more effective. It also leaves your home cleaner, for much longer. When choosing an Evansville Power Washing Company, please take the time to research possible candidates. There are a few truly professional pressure washing contractors in Evansville, Newburgh, and Henderson. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and look forward to working with you!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Precision Power Washing | Why High Pressure Doesn't Work 812.552.2464

     Have you ever wondered what the proper method is of cleaning vinyl siding? How about cleaning Stucco, Drivit, EFIS, etc? Well, high-pressure washing of these types of surfaces is not only inefficient, but also highly ineffective and dangerous. Here is why high pressure doesn't work

     Precision Power Washing, Evansville's #1 power washing company, introduced a delicate, safe, and effective cleaning method to the tri-state area over 10 years ago. The SoftWash utilizes an ultra-low pressure application of a delicate blend of algaecide, surfactants, and detergents. The solution is then rinsed off with approximately 40-50 psi. This pressure washing method gives Evansville, Indiana homeowners and business owners a safe, affordable, and sustainable cleaning option, in contrast to high-pressure washing, which doesn't clean or neutralize.

     Every respectable contractor in the professional power washing industry recommends the SoftWash in place of heat or high-pressure cleaning methods.

     The same delicate cleaning methods should be used when choosing an Evansville and Newburgh Roof Cleaning Company. A pressure washer should never touch a roof, as this could damage the roof, void your warranty on the shingles, and it also doesn't neutralize the roof stains, only knocking off the top layer. Once again, Precision Roof Cleaning introduced the No-Pressure Evansville Roof Cleaning to the area, and gave Evansville and Newburgh residents a safe, non-damaging, long term roof cleaning method, with no damage.

     If you are looking for house washing, pressure washing, power washing, roof cleaning, and deck and fence cleaning, call Precision Power Washing Today! 812.552.2464

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Visit this Evansville Pressure Washing video for an in-depth look at the cleaning process.

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Precision SoftWash 812.552.2464 | Evansville's Top Rated Pressure Washing Company

Precision Soft Washing & Power Washing, serving Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding areas for over 11 years.

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Are you looking for an Evansville Power Washing Company that takes pride in their work, holds themselves accountable to the highest standards, and puts people first? Since our inception, we have set the standard that all other Evansville Pressure Washing Companies strive to attain.

We introduced the SoftWash to the tri-state area over 10 years ago, and while we are often imitated, our precision service is never duplicated. When people ask us what the softwash actually is, we explain it this way: The SoftWash is a very gentle method of Evansville pressure washing that uses a delicate blend of detergents and soaps, allowing these cleaning agents to thoroughly and effectively clean your home's exterior. High-pressure cleaning is ineffective in most cases, and severely outdated.

Watch the videos below for an in-depth look at the proper method of house and building washing:

The Best Evansville Pressure Washing Video You'll Ever See!

Here is another source for safe power washing in Evansville

In addition to the SoftWash, Precision Power Washing also introduced Safe, No Pressure Roof Cleaning in Evansville Indiana.  We recognized a need for safe, effective roof stain removal, without using dangerous high-pressure cleaning methods. Since the beginning, we have performed thousands of Evansville Roof Cleanings, while simultaneously focusing on building lasting relationships with our customers. We have a 99% rate of return customers, and we attribute that to our exceptional customer service.  Call or Text today for your FREE ESTIMATE! 812.552.2464

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