Thursday, June 27, 2019

Henderson, KY's #1 Top Rated Pressure Washing Company | Precision Power Washing

     For over 10 years now, Precision Power Washing has been recognized as the #1 choice for Pressure Washing in Henderson, KY. Since our inception in 2007, we have serviced the areas of Henderson, Evansville, Newburgh, and the surrounding areas with the tri-state's premiere power washing services.
     When we began our pressure washing company in Henderson, we recognized a need for a safe, effective method of exterior cleaning. This led us to introduce the SoftWash to the area. SoftWashing is a unique method of cleaning that is both more efficient, and more effective. Utilizing a delicate blend of detergents and surfactants, the SoftWash utilizes a psi of around 50, which is about the same pressure as your standard garden hose will produce.
     How does such a low pressure clean so well? Let us explain: pressure doesn't actually clean anything. High pressure washing only knocks off the top layer of an organic growth. So while it may appear to be cosmetically clean, the organisms are still growing and thriving , invisible to the human eye.
     When SoftWashing, a proprietary blend of detergents is applied to the surface, neutralizing all organic growth (i.e. algae, mold, etc.), then it is gently rinsed off. This method of power washing in Henderson, KY will keep your home or building clean for substantially longer, compared to high pressure, where the growth will typically return within 6 months.

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