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Precision Power Washing of Evansville | Professional Pressure Washing Contractors in Evansville, Indiana

Precision Power Washing, Evansville Indiana's most trusted pressure washing company, is a professional exterior cleaning company providing numerous pressure washing services to Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson, Owensboro, and the surrounding areas. Established nearly a decade ago, Precision Power Washing has built a reputation for outstanding customer service, exceptional professional work, and an unmatched commitment to quality.
     Our pressure washing company has built a portfolio of thousands of satisfied clients, ranging from residential homeowners to commercial property managers. Our services include a variety of pressure cleaning needs, ranging from safe non-pressure roof cleaning, to hot water surface concrete pressure washing. Back in 2004, we introduced the SoftWash method to the tri-state area. SoftWashing is a method of power washing that is ideal for cleaning vinyl siding, gutters, fascia, and dry-vit or stucco houses and buildings. The procedure uses an ultra-low pressure, no more than your standard garden hose, combined with a high-flow/low pressure detergent application. This process allows us to effectively clean any surface, safely and efficiently. With the high-flow stream, the use of ladders and/or lifts is not needed either. We can effectively reach up to 70 feet from the ground, without the use of an extension pole. The SoftWash method of pressure washing enables our crews to be effective while maintaining safety as a main priority.
     The same year, our company broke the mold once again when we introduced the No-Pressure roof cleaning method. We were the first, and only Certified Roof Cleaners in Indiana or Kentucky, and the introduction of the only approved roof cleaning procedure was well received by Evansville and the Tri-state areas. Our non-pressure roof cleaning is backed by a 5 year guarantee, and a "No clean, no pay" offer.
     Our commercial power washing services in Evansville are numerous as well. From restaurant pressure washing to gas stations, banks, drive thru areas, hospitals, dumpster pads, and all the way to commercial buildings, apartments, hotels, condos, or stadiums, our professional pressure washing expertise can meet any need you may have. It takes the proper equipment to produce the proper results. Precision Power Washing has three different pressure cleaning rigs ready to go at a moments notice.
     The team at Precision Power Washing has gone out of our way to build rapport and relationships with everyone that we have the pleasure of meeting. We hope to meet you soon, and look forward to serving you! View any of the pressure washing links below for a detailed description and gallery of our services.

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